Ode to Waffle House

Waffle House? More like Waffle Home!

Oh, house of waffles, how we love you so! 

You, the American dream, picturesque in your yellow and black.

No other diner or late-night eatery could compare to your red accents, tile floors, and booths that feel like home. 


Everybody has a seat at your tables because you are a house for the people, with a little something for everyone! 

For the meek, the bold, those that like extra chocolate chips and those that like it plain.

Those whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs and those that take it one bite at a time!


Some of our fondest memories are within your walls!

We drafted peace treaties over hash brown and envisioned our futures long into the night. 

Whether a pit stop or the night’s final resting place, you are where we are going and where we’ve already been. 


Oh, waffle house, how we love you so! 

Because you love us right back! 

When the night isn’t as young as it used to be or it's too early to call morning,

You are a beacon of hope for the hungry and broke.

You wouldn’t dare close your doors on starving souls, no matter the hour! 

Whether we come in with a table for two or too many, you welcome us!

When the patron of endless breakfast lays down that napkin and 3 set silverware we know the best has yet to come. 


Sometimes Wendy's will be a shorter drive or we’ll be in the mood for Cookout, but never fear!

Cause no matter how far we roam, we know a Waffle House will always be open!

Keep that stove hot and table clean cause you’re always in our sights.

Even when we have to wait for a table and the bacon is burnt and the coffee is undrinkable. 

We’ll come home cause you make us feel like All-Stars!

Some may call you boring, but we know you’re classic! 

Never change Waffle House!

We love you just the way you are!