No Spring Break Plans? Read This!

Not all of us have Spring Break plans, and if you’re feeling a bit lost on what you can do, keep reading! All of these activities can be done by yourself or with friends!

1. Read that book that you haven't gotten around to.

2. Now is the time to start watching shows in your list.

3. Take a day trip.

Go explore that one town you’ve always wanted to. 

4. Do you like outdoor activities?

Go hiking, biking, kayaking, ziplining, etc.

5. Try that new food joint downtown.

6. Have a photoshoot. 

Here are some photo ideas: outdoors, indoors, golden hour, destination.

7. Make a new playlist.

Especially for finals that are coming up.

8. Start on some homework.

Since our professors love us so much and like to assign homework during the break.

9. Do that one thing you've been holding off on.

A new tattoo? A new hairstyle? Shopping? Baking? Future Plans? Learning a new language?

10. Let's get crafty.

A vision board, a mood board, photo wall, literally just go on Pinterest!

11. Try a new class.

Painting class, pottery class, yoga class, kickboxing class, etc.

12. Declutter your space.

 Life tip: watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondoon Netflix.

13. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

14. Go listen to some local artists in the area.

15. Go thrifting and then go to an art museum.

16. Do your taxes if you haven't already.

17. Revamp your closet.

If you’re trying to save some money, this is a good idea. Youtube & Pinterest are a major help.

18. Focus on YOU.