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Need Summer Plans? How to Travel Without Breaking the Bank: A Lifestyle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.


1. Be FLEXIBLE with everything, flexibility is a major key.


Sometimes, when you want to go on a trip is not the best time to go, financially. If you are capable of flexibility in your travel, you’ll find yourself saving so much money.

*Pro Tip: Figure out when the shoulder season is for wherever you want to go.

Note: Shoulder season is the period of time between peak and offseason, which you can find out on the internet as it varies from place to place!


2.  Go where and when the deals are.


This is a continuation of being flexible, but going where and when the deals are is very important. Sometimes a deal comes up that is too good to pass on, GO FOR IT! It may not be exactly when you wanted to take that particular trip, but it could save you hundreds or more.

*Pro Tip: Make a list of places you are dying to go and just stay vigilant pertaining to deals for those places that may pop up.


3. Split costs with friends.


This is a great way to save money on food/lodging. Not only will you save, but you’ll make great memories with people you care about!

*Note: Can’t tell you where to get said travel buddies


4. Find more affordable accommodations.


Compare prices of hotels to places on Airbnb. Usually (not always) Airbnb/Noirbnb/Vrbo etc. is going to be cheaper!


5. Use Google Flights!


A lot of people don’t know about this, but you can literally Google flights, and it will give you an accumulation of all the flights including ones from those sites like Orbitz, Expedia, etc. It also has a neat calendar feature where you can use it to see the prices for any time (up to about a year out) for anywhere.



6. Subscribe to deals sites.


I hear “how did you find this deal?” all the time. Well, get notified! Some sites and pages I suggest are Secret Flying and Suzzs Travels. They even tell you about error fares!


7. Fly into a surrounding airport


A lot of bigger sized airports will charge more than a smaller one nearby. You should always look into if there is an airport around that is cheaper (& worth the difference in transportation from the airport to your hotel/house)


8. Eat Local!


Don’t fall into tourist traps and upcharges. If you’re near a tourist trap, you aren’t surrounded by local eateries, which means you will more than likely pay more. Walk a few blocks away and find way better prices (possibly for more authentic food)! Besides food, google if there are discounts or free days in said tourist traps for other things.



9. Work when you travel!


Ever wonder how people get paid, quit their jobs, and travel binge? Most usually do some kind of work while away whether it be bartending, teaching classes, photography, etc. If you have a skill, don’t just use it at home!

Hannah Fanset

Clemson '21

Hi, Everyone! I'm Hannah Fanset. I'm a sophomore from Rochester, NY, and I'm majoring in psychology and management. My favorite things are books, movies, traveling, eating good food and laughing way too loud.