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Myles Chetcuti ‘16

Myles Chetcuti ‘16
Name: Myles Amadeo Chetcuti
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Major: Biochemistry
What's your favorite place to hang out on campus?
Life science facility. The sunset at lab almost compensates for the work 
infront of me.
How do you spend your free time/ what are you involved in on campus?
Netflix and chill? Haha, I try to remain active. Shout out to my Phi sigma pi 
fam. We’ve have good grades and impressing parents since 1916.
What is your favorite bar or restaurant in Clemson?
Potbelly deli knows how to make a sandwich like home. Backstreets has 
golden monkey on tap.
If you had to pick a theme song for your life, what would you pick and 
"Come Together" by The Beatles
If you were running for President in 2016, what would your campaign 
slogan be?
I couldn't run against Waka Flaka. Sorry.
Top three favorite movies?
Zoolander, Across the Universe, and Boondocks
Celebrity crush?
Malala Yousafza
Laura Robinson is a Junior at Clemson University studying English with minors in Education, History, and Legal Studies. Originally from Boston, MA, her life revolves around Dunkin Donuts, trashy reality TV, channeling Blair Waldorf, and putting random things in online shopping carts that she will never actually purchase.
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