Music Midtown Essentials


If you forget this girl you are screwed, so before you leave make sure that wristband is already around your wrist.

2. Sunscreen + Sunglasses

This weekend it's supposed to be in the 90s and sunny, so make sure you are protecting yourself.  Nobody looks good with a bad sunburn.

3. Drawstring Bag

Frequently, sports games and concerts have a "one pocket policy" for purses/backpacks/bags now, so make it easy and bring one of the many cheap drawstring bags laying around your house. 

4. Cute, But Comfortable Clothes

We've all been there where we're wearing this really cute outfit, and then two hours in you're too sweaty or itchy or you have to keep readjusting.  Avoid this at MM by wearing breathable, light clothing, so you can focus all your attention on Post Malone being 20 ft away instead of your bra chafing or the bandeau that keeps falling down. 

5. Water

Music Midtown lets you bring one sealed plastic water bottle, so take advantage of that.  You already know you'll be spending way too much money on food and drinks once inside, so decrease those costs now and come prepared.


This is one of the few times during the year other than game days and Halloween where you can go crazy with the glitter and most people won't judge you, so go all out.  Use it to decorate your hair part, apply it as eyeshadow, highlight your cheekbones or collar bones, bath in it I don't care it's up to you.  I'd recommend heading over to Pinterest if you need inspiration. 

7. Phone Cardholder

A vast majority of college students know that cardholders you can stick on the back of your phone are definitely the way to go.  I have one built into my case and it's been a lifesaver.  I can bring my credit card, student ID, license, and gas card with me constantly and I don't have to worry about dragging a chunky wallet around.  That way you can avoid that awkward moment when you hold up the line while you're digging around in your bag for your credit card.