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Miss LNA Pageant

Pageants aren’t unheard of in Clemson. We have a Miss Clemson Pageant, a First Friday Pageant, and even the Big Man On Campus Pageant put on by Zeta Tau Alpha every year. What you might not know is that one Clemson major also puts on an annual pageant that blows all of these out of the water. It’s called the Miss LNA Womanless Pageant and it exists not only to raise money for LNA (Little North American) but to let AVS majors watch their guy friends sing Gretchen Wilson in women’s clothing. Even the professors get to cut loose a little bit.

Little North American is a livestock show put on by Clemson students, who spend three months or more with an animal (beef, dairy, swine, etc.), learning the ins and outs of showmanship. Clemson’s rich land-grant heritage is celebrated through this show, but it does need financial support. Throughout the year, those who participate in LNA raise money through sponsors, t-shirt sales, and other fundraisers, but Miss LNA is the last fundraising effort before the actual event, and the most fun. There is a beauty portion as well as a talent portion, of course.

The LNA show will be held this Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, at the T. Ed Garrison Arena Cattle Complex (on the way to the shooting range). Enjoy this year’s pageant pictures, come out to the pageant next year, and don’t forget to stop by the LNA Show this weekend!


Photo credit: Lara Schurlknight


Senior at Clemson University from Charleston, SC, graduating in May with a BS in Animal and Veterinary Sciences and attending Auburn University Vet School in the fall! I love Clemson, my sorority, my family and friends, and last but definitely not least, food.
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