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Men of Hollywood We Should Pay More Attention To

Tom Hiddleston

Unfortunately in THOR and The Avengers, the Loki outfit doesn't flatter him well. But check out Jaguar's latest car commercial, you'll be listening to his beautiful british accent paired with his blue/green eyes and instantly fall in love. 

Aaron Paul

While we might recognize this guy as Jesse in the hit TV show Breaking Bad, there's nothing bad about the way this guys looks. His bad boy charm mixed with his moral character leave the audience with a bittersweet feeling. Plus him and his wife Lindsey are the world's cutest couple and he's "the greatest husband ever".

Joseph Morgan 

While most girls watching The Vampire Diaries are looking at the Salavatore brothers (Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley), maybe take a step back and look at one of the originals, aka Klaus. CW did, he now stars as one of the leads in the hit series The Originals. 


Jesse Williams

If saving lives on Grey's Anatomy doesn't melt your heart, his green eyes certainly will. We all fell in love with Jesse when he appeared along Alexis Bledel in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Certainly a heart throb to females everywhere. 

Ed Westwick 

Even though Gossip Girl has run its course, that doesn't mean we leave Ed out-of-site, out-of-mind. He appeared as Tybalt in 2013's edition of Romeo and Juliet- also check out Douglas Booth while watching!




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