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What is your name and position?

Mayme-Elizabeth Medlock – Senior Editor 

(but, please, call me Mayme like “Name”)

Where is your hometown?

I moved around a lot as a kid, so depending on the conversation, I’ll frequently claim different ones! My favorite home town was Saint Simons Island, Georgia. 

What is your Instagram?


How long have you been with Her Campus?

This is my second year in HerCampus and first year as Senior Editor. 

What is your favorite thing about Her Campus?

As Senior Editor, I read all the articles our writers produce, and with every submission, I witness these badass women grow as writers and human beings. We’ve got a fantastic group of unique women who all bring something new and amazing to the table, and I love getting to read their articles! 

What is your favorite article that you’ve written?

Last Valentine’s Day, I made a commitment to the most enduring relationship I’ll ever have – my relationship with myself. Self-love is hard, and since writing “Dear Self, I Love You,” I’ve made mistakes. But I’m committed to loving myself and encouraging other women to courageously say, “Dear Self, I Love You.” 

What is your favorite punctuation mark?

100% obsessed with the Oxford comma and dashes! 

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

“You got this.”

I say this phrase all the time (to the point where my grandfather is convinced I invented the saying), and its simple brilliance never fails. Sometimes, I doubt myself. Sometimes, I want to give up, but then, I remember that I “got this!” Next time you feel low, try this affirmation out and tell the world to watch out as you kick some ass. 

What is your definition of collegiette?

A woman who bravely keeps going, even when it’s hard, and overcomes every challenge to become a better version of herself. She isn’t afraid to admit that she’s still finding herself, and she’s pursuing her passion while embracing her journey. 

What is your favorite Clemson tradition?

While I love spending a Saturday supporting the Tigers, nothing unites Clemson students like jokes about student transport (I’m looking at you, CatBus & Tiger Transit). 


Mayme Medlock is a junior at Clemson University, studying political science with an emphasis in international relations. In her free time, you'll find her chasing cute dogs, talking about studying abroad in the Balkans, watching copious amounts of Netflix, and putting people at ease when they question her name's pronunciation (May-m, not May-me).
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