Meena Das: Looking Back at Clemson

Name: Meena Das


Hometown: Fort Mill, NC


Major: Microbiology with a Biomedicine concentration


Organizations: Clemson Dholna, Indian Cultural Exchange, American Medical Student Association, Creative Inquiry


Why did you choose Clemson?

I originally wanted to stay in-state for the scholarships. But I loved Clemson and had heard such great things about it that I couldn’t say no when I got accepted (not to mention the amazing football games)!


What’s your favorite memory during your time at Clemson?

Anything to do with Clemson Dholna, our Indian-fusion dance team. It opened up most of my windows: socializing with friends; within the team or out of the team; dance-related or not. It was a great experience that created so many memories I’ll treasure forever.


What do you wish you knew as a freshman?

Not to be a science major unless you’re really ready to handle the work!


What’s your favorite place on campus?

The Life Sciences Building is definitely my favorite place, especially with the bacterial plate artwork on the walls!


How do you feel that Clemson has prepared you for your future?

Clemson has given me so many amazing opportunities, from working with professors, to connecting me with healthcare professionals, to helping me get my degree. It helped me to get an understanding of professionalism and solidify those skills so I can really succeed in the workplace.


What will you miss the most after you graduate?

I’ll miss the Clemson family that I’ve made here, all the friends and amazing people I’ve been able to meet! I think I’ll also miss the college lifestyle: being an adult without actually being an adult.


What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?

To be open-minded in every way: academics, socially, whatever, because you never know what you’ll find!