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Local Haunted Places You’ll Be Dying to See

1. Herdklotz Park, Greenville

What is now a beautiful park used to be the location of the Greenville Tuberculosis Hospital. It was active from the 1930s to the 1950s and remained on the site until it burned down, but some say the ghosts are still there. People have claimed to hear screaming and banging at night around the park, and some even say that the puddles around the memorial bench turn blood red. Only a 45-minute car ride from campus, maybe you’ll have to check it out and see for yourself!


2. Oakwood Cemetery, Spartanburg

Nicknamed Hell’s Gate (so you know it can’t be anything good), this is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state… and one of the most haunted. From mysterious light orbs to a little boy who asks to play before vanishing to full-on satanic rituals in the older part of the cemetery, this place isn’t for the faint of heart.


3. Crybaby Bridge, Anderson

Legend has it if you cross the bridge and stop in the middle and say “I killed your baby” or “cry, baby, cry,” a woman in white will appear before you. Your car might not start, or the headlights or radio might stop working. Locals say that the woman either died in a car accident with her child or threw her child off the bridge after her husband died in the Civil War. Either way, as a fellow local, I can attest that this place is as creepy as it sounds!


4. Seven Devils Bridge, Woodruff

The old story goes that seven slaves were hung here and haunt the place to this day. Although the old bridge is now gone, a new one has been built right nearby so visitors can still reach the original site. Visitors say they’ve seen green lights in the trees, and some claim temporary insanity if you stand at the bridge right at midnight. Creepy, right?


5. The Grave of Eliza Huger, Clemson

Probably the easiest to get to, this one is located at Old Stone Church right here in Clemson! No one really knows who Eliza Huger is. Some say she fell in love with the wrong man and was killed. Some say she was a witch and that the wall around her grave was built to keep her spirit in. Regardless, no plants grow around her grave, her headstone is always cracked even when replaced, and lightning even struck her grave!

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