Lazy Day, Lazy Cats

Cat-lovers are a strange breed. We squeal. We fawn. We talk in baby voices. We acknowledge that cats are adorable, derpy, sneaky little creatures, and we love them unconditionally. For readers out there who must include Mittens in their Tinder profile picture, who heavily resonate with the girl from “Can’t Hug Every Cat” (You all remember 2011!), and whose fever dream is napping with a million curled-up kitties, a cat café is the place for you.

Recently, cat cafés have been popping up all across the country serving beverages, relaxation, and kitty love. A couple weeks ago, I took a girl’s trip to the Organic Cat Café in Greenville, SC, and it truly lived up to all three claims. First and foremost, the café was certainly organic. Who’s to say what this word actually means, but the “organic” Whole-Foods-type aesthetic definitely came to mind with the assortment of organic teas and nature-inspired, cat-friendly décor.

As the main feature, cats of every age, size, and color were fully accounted for. The diverse kitty demographic included all the hits: sleepy calicos, fluffy gingers, and have of course one or two scrappy little shorthairs. The ages ranged from kittens to elderly, more seasoned cats if that suits your Fancy Feast. I applaud OCC for selecting the right number of cats to populate the café. There weren’t too many that would warrant alarm, but the ratio was just enough to cover the entire area and cater to their adoring fans. At the Organic Cat Café, all residents are rescues, and the cats without collars are up for adoption if you’re in the market for a new, soft companion.

As for the café portion, OCC has an expansive array of organic coffees, cocoas, teas, and lemonades, as well as a few loose pastries in plastic wrap. I ordered the oxymoronic, “Iced Hot Chocolate,” which was by far the most un-organic item in the establishment.

For ten dollars, I received 1.5 hours of playtime with cats, a cold hot chocolate, and immense relaxation. It was bliss. Perhaps on paper, it seems like a strange way to spend an afternoon– signing a waver to drink a cup of tea with a room full of both human and feline strangers, but the atmosphere is nothing but comforting. Surrounded by adorable, purring kitties and like-minded cat-lovers was an excellent way to spend a Sunday. I can’t wait to return.