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Lanie’s Fashion Blog: That Staple T-Shirt

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.



I’ve decided to start a new series for my posts on Her Campus Clemson! Lately I’ve been thinking about all of the “staples” that every woman needs in her closet at every age. College is the time when we really define our personal style and when better a time to start building your wardrobe than now?  There are way to many to do in a single post so I’ll be posting one a week! I’m excited to get this started because there are so many wonderfully classic clothing and accessory items that every lady should have in her closet!

 The first item I’m going to highlight is the basic white tee. Finding your perfect “go-to” tee is not as easy as it seems. Some are too sheer, some too low cut, some too droopy. The key is to find one with just the right amount of drape but not so loose that it’s falling off of you. In one of my recent online shopping ventures I found what looks like the perfect tee to dress up or down at Gap, a great inexpensive store for basics. It would be a breeze to style this tee in countless ways. 


Add a cardigan and a brightly colored light scarf for class…



Whichever way you choose to style this timeless classic, you can’t go wrong! Hope you enjoyed week one of my Wardrobe Staples series! See you next week!