Kim Kardashian and Pete Wentz Both Have Sons Named "Saint" & We Need to Talk About It

What do Kim Kardashian and Pete Wentz have in common? A baby name.

Have questions? Let me explain.

In 2014, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and his partner Meagan Camper announced the birth of their first child, Saint Lazslo Wentz. Pete Wentz also shares an older son Bronx with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson, and he and Meagan went on to have a daughter named Marvel Jane.




Saint 💜

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In December of 2015, Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West also had a son, Saint West.



Saint West and Saint Wentz.

Yes, you read that correctly. The emo rocker of your middle school fantasy and mega-star Kim Kardashian gave their children the same name.

It’s been nearly four years since this whole thing went down, and while this wild coincidence did have some time in the public eye (and produce some wild memes), I’m still not over it.



As someone with a unique name, I can only imagine being little Saint West or Saint Wentz, thinking that I was absolutely the only “Saint” in this school and then finding out that there is someone with a nearly identical name. It would be shocking, to say the least.

When I decided to dig into why these parents bestowed this heavenly name on their sons, I found that they had pretty similar stories. The summer of Saint Wentz’s birth, Pete was on tour with his band, Fall Out Boy, and feared that his son would arrive early, forcing them to cancel a show unexpectedly. However, their saintly child held out until the end of the tour, allowing Pete to actually participate in the birth according to this interview. Similarly, Kim Kardashian has been vocal about her difficult pregnancies and documented her struggles on her popular reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The mogul was suffered from pre-eclampsia while pregnant with her oldest child, North, and required surgery for her placenta accreta. After giving birth to Saint, Kim revealed that she was advised to not become pregnant again, and her subsequent children, Chicago and Psalm, were delivered via surrogate. Because of her difficult pregnancy, Kim Kardashian reportedly picked the name Saint because it signified that her son was a “blessing.”

If these stories tell me anything, it’s that both of these little Saints were happily welcomed into their homes, and this name obviously has great significance to the Wentz and Kardashian clans.

Maybe this really was a crazy coincidence. After all, it doesn’t seem like Kim Kardashian jams out to “Thnks fr th Mmrs” on the reg anyway.



And according to an interview in 2007, Kim Kardashian was actually a fan of Fall Out Boy long before she became the powerhouse she is today.

If you think that’s wild, they’re also still in touch! Pete reported that he and Kim stay in touch via email, and when she gave birth, he sent Saint personalized boots with his initials. Kim apparently also gave Saint Wentz Yeezys. Obviously, these two stars were both very aware that their sons share extremely similar names.

If this story isn’t crazy enough for you yet, Pete actually addressed the name debacle. Unlike Zooey Deschanel’s response to Lauren Conrad copying her baby’s name, Pete didn’t throw out the lowkey shade (sorry, Zooey). Instead, he expressed hope that Saint Wentz and Saint West would start a band together!

If your mind is blown (honestly, same), just try to soothe yourself with the idea of two Saints gracing your playlist someday soon.