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Josh Rowell ’18

While snowed in, what better thing is there to do than to get to know
someone new? Introducing…Josh Rowell!
Major: Architecture
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Salisbury, North Carolina
1. What are you involved with on campus?
The Clemson chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students
2. What is your favorite thing about Clemson?
“Football of course! And the school spirit, everyone loves being here, and are 
always so enthusiastic.”
3. What is your dream job or goals after college?
“Ultimately designing or owning my own firm”
4. Celebrity Crush?
“Emma Watson” (Good choice, amiright ladies?)
5. Most exciting thing you’ve done in 2016 so far?
“Watching Clemson get to play in the National championship and going 
6. What is your ideal first date?
 “Exploring a new city or place, or Go-Karts are fun”
8. Fun fact 
“I can pick things up really well with my toes.”
That’s Josh for you, stay warm ladies and enjoy the “snow”!
I am a Psychology major. I was Maryland born and raised. I love soccer, the beach, and making Her Campus part of my Clemson story!
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