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I Tried the JOY Razor, and This is What I Thought


I first heard about the JOY Razor on Snapchat. If you haven’t seen the mini-ad yet, it’s about 10-15 seconds long. At the end of each ad, in the background, is what sounds like a few girls singing in an annoying, and somewhat autotuned tone, “JOOOOOY.” Then the commercial ends. The same ads run on Instagram as well.

I’m just going to flat out say that the ad style is not for me. And based on that opinion alone, I swore to never buy the JOY Razer solely based on how badly the ads annoyed me and how frequent they were. I even went on Snapchat’s feedback for ads and tried to get it to stop coming up as much. I’m not sure if they were trying to be funny with the song at the end or just hoping to get that little song stuck in your head, but either way, it was a memorable tactic at the end of the day. 


Originally, on my shopping list, I had razor refills for a razor I already owned. I get to Walmart, and I see a pop-up of all the JOY products, pictured below. I just roll my eyes and keep walking and do the rest of my shopping. On my way back, I walk by it again and see it’s only about nine dollars and comes with the razor and two extra refills. I think to myself, “why not? I can’t knock it ‘til I try it, right?”

After a few minutes of looking, I chose “The Pink One.” I found there is no difference between “The Pink One” and “The Teal One,” except for the colors.


I decided to wait a week to try out the new JOY Razor. I really had to test and see if the hype about this product was real or not. So, this razor was going to be put through the ultimate test. Fast-forward a few annoying JOY ads later, and we have two legs in need of some TLC.

Drum roll, please…….I absolutely loved it!!

I only went over a singular spot once, and it was instantly smooth. It wasn’t the typically shave method (the pat, shave, pat, shave pattern) to try and see if you got all the hairs. After finishing both legs, I felt as smooth as a dolphin. Not only does it cut down shaving time with how quick it is, but I noticed my legs stayed smoother for a longer amount of time. Normally for me, it takes two days until I start to feel like a cactus again. But with the JOY Razor, it was able to make it five days before I could really feel any hair grow back.


Overall, I really would recommend this product to those who hate shaving as much as I do. It made it much easier and more satisfying to shave. They also have shaving cream and separate razor refills. You can read more about their products on their website here. I have no idea how this razor is so different from other razors, but let me tell you, it is – and it’s much better! So, if you’re skeptical or swore to never buy their products because of their annoying ads, I’d say don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

Hey! My name is Neala and I am a sophomore at Clemson University. I am a Marketing major and am also minoring in Brand Communications. I joined Her Campus at Clemson University because I wanted to meet new people that had the same interest as I do.... writing and trying new things!
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