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How to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall…Easy as 1, 2, 3!

September is officially upon us here in the upstate. The mornings and evenings are starting to show a hint of the cold temperatures we’re sure to be complaining about come January, and fall clothing is starting to appear throughout campus. Autumn is in the air and I couldn’t be happier! But let’s be real for a minute, this is South Carolina. One minute you can be freezing to death; the next you are so hot you are contemplating jumping in the reflection pond to cool off.

If you’re like me, here’s how your days have gone lately: You wake up in the morning, check your Weather Channel app, see that it’s in the 60’s, do a little happy dance and decide to break out one of your lighter sweaters and maybe even jeans if you’re feeling bold. You get to campus for your 9:30 class and enjoy walking around feeling that crisp air and not sweating to death for the first time in months. Then you get out of class around noon, walk outside and immediately hate yourself for thinking jeans in September was a good idea. We’ve all been there, but thankfully there is a way to dress in order to avoid this midday melt-down!

1. Dress + Cardigan

This formula is so easy. Grab one of your go-to warm weather dresses, throw a cute cardigan over it and if you want to look more polished, add a belt around your waist and viola! You have a cute, Clemson-weather friendly outfit! Wear with sandals, flats or boots once fall really kicks in.

2. Shorts+Long Sleeved Tee

In my opinion this combo is by far cuter than the long pants+tank top option. Take your favorite summer shorts (or even norts), add a long sleeved tee (you can always push your sleeves up or down depending on your environment), and maybe even a light scarf once it cools off, and you’re good to go!

3. Colorful denim+Oxford (or Chambray) Shirt

Colored denim is a trend that is here to stay this fall. I personally love my bright coral pants and have worn them lately cuffed so that they are capri length. However, when the weather gets chillier I plan to wear them rolled down. Pair these fun bottoms with a classic crisp white Oxford or even a Chambray button down (sleeves rolled up or down) and you’ll look put together yet trendy at the same time.

The White Bottoms Debate

On another note: Labor Day has officially passed. This means, according to Southern Tradition, that white shoes/pants and seersucker are not to be worn until Easter 2013. I understand if you are not from the South and have never heard this “rule” before, but most people in the South do follow this fashion guideline.Lately however, especially on Twitter, I have seen many people proudly breaking this rule, calling it outdated and silly. Personally, I follow the no white rule, but I don’t have white shoes or pants anyway so it may be easier for me, but I digress.

There is also the issue of “Winter White.” Where does this fit into the no white rule? The difference in “Winter White” and “Summer White” to me would be different shades of the same essential color. Winter Whites are much more cream based than stark paleness of Summer Whites. 

Example of Winter White:

Hopefully this is helpful in transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall in this tricky Clemson weather! Let us know if you have any other helpful tips!

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