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How To Throw A Seriously Great Party

While Project X may have been one of the greatest parties ever thrown, many students aren’t looking to pay for the damages or bail time.  Honestly, that’s ok.  A great party doesn’t need to end up with you disowned from your parents, or sharing cell time with a hulking man named “Tiny.”  A great party is something that everyone can enjoy, without getting too far out-of-hand.


1) Dance Floor

            This may seem a little silly, but this is a must for the whole college female population.  It’s a place where girls (and guys) should be able to relax, unwind, mingle, and hopefully flirt a little.  Girls need places like this to regroup with their friends, and maybe get that really cute shy girl to loosen up before you go over. 


2) Great Music

            But, no great dance floor is complete without great music.  Seriously.  The music determines the attitudes of the people at the party.  If it is a hoe-down, play some country music.  If it is a getty (a get-together that is more of a kick-back then a party) play some chill music that people will nod their head and bounce their foot to.  Music makes or breaks the parties.  Great music means more girls jumping around.  Bad music means the designated driver is coming early.  Got it?


3) Beverages

            There is a reason the word ‘alcoholic’ is not necessarily in front of it.  Some people honestly don’t like to drink and you should make sure to fit their needs. Also, you should of course not be serving alcohol to anyone underage.   If a girl asks for a bottle of water then she’s not down for funny business in the beverage section. She won’t want party punch or booze. These people need to feel comfortable as well, because when their friends don’t remember the party or the awesome dance floor, they will and if they weren’t comfortable, they all won’t come back.


4) Toilet Paper

            This may seem funny, but it’s truly a necessity.  Too many times have I walked into a bathroom and ended up holding my stomach all night after.  Seriously, I get it.  After a long night of it being used it is not expected to be the cleanest.  Honestly though, toilet paper is just a courtesy.  No one wants to have nothing to use no matter how inebriated.  Remember that sober girl who monitors all her friends?  Yea, she’ll remember that.


5) Drivers

            We know no one actually likes being DD, but it is a courtesy that is more of a safety factor than anything else.  My Saturday nights were not complete unless I had a DD calling me and telling me that my friend left something in their car after the party (usually her phone).  They are literally life-savers.  They’ll also boost your party numbers because, possibly unknown to most parents and faculty members, sober college kids are pretty smart, and we like the thought of sober people driving us to and from our next great mistake.  


6) A Hospitable Attitude

Toward Guys

            This is a personal thought here, but if you are throwing a party, I get charging guys that are going to drink. Or I get sometimes not letting them in, but honestly,  just be nice about it.  Those guys might become your new friends or maybe a date to your next function but if you don’t act very charming or let them in why would they want to come back?

Toward other Girls

            You may not always know all the girls that will turn up at your party, but that does not mean you shouldn’t be friendly. If your party was supposed to be an invite only situation, then this could be a little awkward, but if it is a big gathering just go with the flow. As long as the party is not getting out of hand and they’re not underage and taking your alcohol, welcome in the Clemson family and enjoy your night! 


Throwing a party is not necessarily a formula, but if you follow these steps, you can only go up from there.


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