How to DIY the Perfect Fall Wreath!

Are you looking for a way to decorate your door for the autumn season? Wreaths are the perfect solution! However, shopping for these decor pieces can get pricey. Don’t worry, I’ve created a step-by-step guide to create your own unique piece of fall decor on a budget.

  1. 1. Get the base for the wreath.

    You’ll want to get a grapevine wreath as a starting point. They sell these at Michaels, and I personally decided to purchase an 18-inch one that was only $4.99. These can be a bit messy though, so be careful.

  2. 2. Get flowers/decor pieces to decorate your wreath.

    This is where you can get creative! I decided to go to my local Dollar Tree and purchase some fall colored flowers. I got red, orange, and yellow flowers to give my wreath more of an autumn feel, but you can do this for any theme you’d like for your wreath. Each stem of flowers is $1, so it is very affordable. I also bought some decorative ribbon at Dollar Tree for $1 to tie to my wreath.

  3. 3. Cut the stems of the flowers shorter and stick the remaining part of the stem into the wreath’s crevices.

    I’m going to be real with you… the stems of these Dollar Tree flowers can be VERY difficult to cut, but it is possible. I cut the stems so that I still had about 1.5 inches of it to stick into the wreath. They stay pretty well on their own, but you can also hot glue the stems to the wreath for a more durable piece. Once all of the flowers are attached to the wreath, you’ll want to tie your ribbon to the top so that you can hang it up.

  4. 4. Display your masterpiece!

    Once your wreath looks as you desire, go ahead and put it on display for everyone to see! On your door, doorknob, the wall - wherever you want! Put that hard work up so that you can share your seasonal craft with others.