How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is my favorite time of the year. It contains not only the best holiday, but a new year, fun with family and friends, and a much-needed break from school.

But as much as I love this time of year, there comes a point every January where I get sick…. sick with a nasty case of the “Winter Blues.”  We’ve all had the blues from time to time. If you’re imagining yourself at the beach or looking at past summer pictures when you knew what the sun looked like, you know what I’m talking about.

Thankfully though, there is a cure! Below are five self-tested measures of how to get rid of the Winter Blues once and for all.

  1. 1. Get Active

    When it’s cold, I want to be warm, and what’s better than getting warm the most natural way possible by getting that blood circulating? Getting out and being active is one of the simplest ways to change your perspective and mood. Endorphins from working out are a real thing, and what’s even more real is the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from pushing yourself past your hesitations. My favorite wintertime activity is hot yoga. It is not only a great way to de-stress, relax, and stretch your body, but it is one legit workout! If the weather had you bundled up before, I guarantee this will get you extra warm (and sweaty).

  2. 2. Get Inspired

    My favorite thing to do when I am feeling uninspired is to revamp! Whether that be revamping your room, your style, your routine, or simply trying something new, there’s no better time than now. At school, my room is decorated with inspirational sayings, pictures of the people I love, the places I have visited, and fun decorations that make me happy. In this way, I have created an environment that I truly love being in. If it’s not your room, find a passion and run with it. Some of the best inspiration comes from people themselves. So, talk to people, find out their interests, their stories, and learn how you too can switch it up and start fresh!

  3. 3. Get Warm

    A snow day is the best – but only if you’re not the one out in the cold, shoveling for hours. That’s why we must stay warm and remind ourselves that there are other amazing aspects about winter. Wintertime is the best time for creating the perfect ambiance with twinkling lights, hot chocolate, candles, a fireplace, and cozy blankets! No other time of the year is it quite as appropriate to light a candle and bask in the glow of the fireplace. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy the reasons that make winter so fun. Go hang some fun lights and settle down with a warm drink, just because you can.

  4. 4. Get Well

    Winter provides downtime and the availability to do indoor activities we wouldn’t normally do during the warm months. Take advantage of this time and be there for yourself. Find time to relax, spend moments with loved ones, take a bubble bath, or even get a massage. Taking care of yourself first is always a top priority, and in order to beat the blues, remember to give yourself some extra love! I do this by drinking a cup of green tea in the morning, taking time to write and reflect in my journal, stretching my body, taking vitamin D, and having that extra slice of cake.

  5. 5. Get Grateful

    Remember that the winter blues are only temporary! Instead of focusing on the future months, take time to be fully present in the current moment. You might just be missing an incredible experience because you’ve been counting down the days to summer. To beat the blues, I recommend saving time each day or week to write a small list of things that you are thankful for. Even something as simple as being able to sleep in, small or big, there are numerous areas that we can look to for appreciation and love. Warm up that heart of yours and get grateful!