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How to be Eco-Friendly in College

1) Ditch the Straw!

It’s one of the easiest and most introductory ways to kick-start personal sustainability.


2) Say No to Plastic Grocery Bags!

Yes, it is very difficult in the beginning to remember to lug the bags around but is actually an easier route. Pro Tip: It helps to carry all of the groceries inside in one trip. Typical plastic bags are harder to carry and are smaller, resulting in many plastic bags that could be only a few reusable bags.


3) Keep an Eye Out For Sustainable Cosmetics and Feminine Products!

There are an insane amount of face masks, lotions, makeups, and much more all produced by sustainable companies. The plus side: because there are no extra chemicals and extras, they’re actually much better for you AND your skin. Feminine products are also an easy switch to more sustainable brands. By switching to a sustainable brand, you are also being a little nicer to your body. Things like organic cotton tampons and pads that have no added and unneeded chemicals will actually be healthier and help prevent problems like Toxic Shock Syndrome.


4) Team Brita!

One of the best decisions I ever made coming to college was getting a Brita water filter. Not only do I save a crazy amount of money by not ever buying water from the store but I never have to watch my recycling bin turn into a mountain of plastic! Pro Tip: For all the dorm girls out there, because dorm sinks are so shallow, the Brita cannot be easily filled. So, use a cup or shower/bathtub faucet!


Sydney Snowden is from the little town of Ormond Beach, Florida only a skip down the road from the beach. Now a current student at Clemson University in South Carolina, she is an English major and is just now seeing that seasons actually do exist. Sydney is a music festival junkie, Waffle house addict, and a secret Broadway lover. Contact her: sasnowd@g.clemson.edu @syddsnoww on instagram!
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