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Guide to Dressing for a Themed Event

1920’s or Gatsby

This theme seems to be very popular right now because the new Great Gatsby movie that came out this summer! If you have a flapper dress or can manage to find one this is the perfect opportunity to wear it. If not a black dress and pearls fits just fine. A feather headband is super cute too!

The 80s

Even though it’s likely that no one at the party was alive in the 80s, our generation portrays this decade as bright off the shoulder shirts, leggings with leg warmers and side ponytails. Basically dig through your closet for a bunch of mix matched pieces and you’ll fit right in.


We all have something in our closet with stars and stripes on it. Is there really such a thing as being too over the top for this theme? If you really don’t have anything red white and blue try and go to a local thrift shop or Goodwill and they are bound to have something.

Cowboys and Indians

This theme should be easy if you want to go as a cowboy! If you don’t own a pair of cowboy boots you need to make that investment right now. Plaid and jeans is something we all have in our closet. If you want to go as an Indian you might have to get a little crafty and add some beads to a brown shirt and have a friend add some fun paint to your face!

Classic Toga


If you haven’t been to a toga party yet it is something you need to do before you graduate. It really is as simple as using a bed sheet and makes for a great photo op like in every movie ever made about college!

Black lights

White tends to work best for this because it glows better than any other color but neon works too! Sometimes these end up having paint at them though so you might want to head over to Wal Mart and buy a white tshirt that you can cut cute and not care if it gets ruined!


I don’t know if its just Clemson and our schools location that seems to make this a prime theme but it is definitely a reoccurring one. Here’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for to wear your camo that’s never seen the woods and that pair of overalls you bought thinking they would come in handy one day. Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to blast some Luke Bryan even though were still bitter he didn’t come here this fall.

$5 Prom

It’s doubtful that you have anything in your closet for this theme unless you stole your mom’s prom dress from the 80s. You cannot go wrong with Goodwill or a thrift shop for this and bring friends because I can guarantee you will have fun trying on the crazy dresses!


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