Gamma Sigma Sigma President Alexa

Alexa is a senior Horticulture major from Belmont, NC and the president of Gamma Sigma Simga service sorority.
1) What is your favorite part about being a part of Gamma Sigma Sigma?
There are a lot of things that I love about Gamma Sigma Sigma but what I love the most is the environment it fosters for its members. Because we do not bar any student from membership, our membership is extremely diverse. It is a safe place where everyone can express themselves and be respected as an individual. I know there are members of Gamma Sigma Sigma that I have nothing else in common with but, through service, we are able to meet one another and gain respect for a variety of personalities. 
2) What is your favorite thing about Clemson?
 Like Gamma Sigma Sigma, there are so many things I love about Clemson. The Clemson "family" must be my favorite part. Everything that stands out about Clemson does so because of the Clemson family. Football games, faculty-student relationships, Clemson traditions, friendships and many other things are what they are because of the unity brought about by being a Tiger!
3) What do you do as Gamma Sigma Sigma's president?
As the president of the Epsilon Beta chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma, I have many official duties such as presiding over chapter and executive committee meetings, ensure adherence to bylaws and standing rules, maintain communication with our National Board of Directors, and many other tasks that allow the sorority to run smoothly. In summary, though, my job is to create an organization that operates efficiently and effectively and that provides the membership with an organization they enjoy being a part of and where they feel at home. 
4) What has been your most memorable event as a part of your sorority?
 Gamma Sigma Sigma has events of all types. We have formals, Christmas parties, and participate in the First Friday parade, but most importantly, we do community service. Most of service events could rank among my favoriteGamma Sig memories. My absolute favorite service events are any that are at the South Carolina Agriculture Museum. We typically work with their Kids' Days on Saturdays. Watching kids dig in the dirt and run around outside is the extremely rewarding.

5) What is your favorite Clemson tradition?
 My favorite Clemson tradition is the First Friday parade. Seeing the kids from the surrounding community come out and celebrate the Tigers is exciting and I enjoy seeing the wide variety of student organizations show their pride in their unique interest areas. 
6) Why did you choose to join a service sorority? In high school, I played sports, was a tomboy, and had lots of "guy-friends". Upon coming to Clemson, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go out of my way to be in an organization where I could make lots of new girl friends! I had always enjoyed community service and knew that it could be a good foundation to build friendships on. This proved to be true and I know that Gamma Sigma Sigma has been one of the best choices I could have made at Clemson. It has truly shaped every aspect of my college experience.