The First Day of Spring Semester as Told By Parks and Rec Gifs

It's a new semester, and nobody knows the delicate balance of stress and new beginnings like Leslie Knope!

  1. 1. I miss my friends. I miss Dollar Slice Night. Campus is home sweet home.

  2. 2. New Semester, New Me. I’ve got a brand new planner and printed my syllabus. 4.0, here I come.

  3. 3. Wait, Fall Semester Me signed up for 8 ams???

  4. 4. I miss sleeping in.

  5. 5. Wow, this syllabus looks intense…

  6. 6. Why did a freshman just ask if we get the day off for the Natty?

  7. 7. Speaking of, it’s ~NATTY SEASON~

  8. 8. Let’s celebrate Syllabus Week.

  9. 9. I said I was going to eat better in the New Year, but… pizza with the squad?

  10. 10. Wait, how do I already have due dates???

  11. 11. It’s been one day. How am I stressed?

  12. 12. I miss my dog.

  13. 13. And homecooked meals.

  14. 14. And I’ve got a whole semester of this left…

  15. 15. School is tough, but so am I.

  16. 16. Spring Semester, here we go!