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Finals Week Feels as Told By Dabo Swinney



Welcome to hell week, Tigers. It’s that time of year again: finals season. It’s the week of no sleep, endless hours in Cooper Library, and enough coffee to fuel the entire campus. If your brain is fried and you need a break, enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of finals week as told the most beloved man in Clemson himself: Dabo Swinney. 

When your professor announces the exam is cumulative
When you realize you have 3 finals in one day
When your only exam is on Friday and you have to wait the entire week to take it
When you pass a final you only studied 45 minutes for
When the professor of your hardest class says, “Don’t worry, the final will be easy.”
When you’re halfway through finals week and your brain can't function anymore
When your friends are bragging about how they are done and can go home, and you still have exams to take 
When you realize you need a 527 on the final exam to make an A in the class
When the professor says, “one more thing” after you turn in your exam
When your professor rounds your final grade up to an A
When your friends say the exam is hard, and you wonder if you're a genius or if you just missed every concept on the entire test
When you check your grades and you made an A on the final you’ve been stressing about
When it’s 2 a.m. and you’re not even close to being done studying
When you just watched the 4th Quarter video as motivation and it’s time to grind
When you survived and are FINALLY done
Clemson University Her Campus Senior Editor
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