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The Drastic Changes that are Clemson Weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.

You would be crazy not to have noticed the drastic changes in weather that Clemson has been experiencing over the course of the semester. We have gone from temperatures in the teens and experiencing the first snow since I have been a student here to sunny days that rival those towards the end of the semester. These days bouncing from one end of the spectrum to the other seem to have everyone a little confused on what to do and how to dress for the differences within the same week.

(Still greatful I didn’t witness any of these)

Although having that snow day was a nice break and made for some great photo opportunities, this is South Carolina- this isn’t suppose to happen! I am a little bitter because I came to school in South Carolina in hopes of avoiding the snow, but if it does come again take full advantage of it. Bowman was jam packed with students trying to go sledding down the hills on plastic bin lids and playing football in the snow. Some students took advantage of a gate in Death Valley being open and recreated the most exciting 25 seconds on college football with their own runs and rides down the slippery hill. This opportunity will only come a few times in our years at Clemson so do not miss out on the fun. I definitely recommend bundling up though because those guys running around in the flurries with no shirts on looked awfully cold to me!

Now that’s finally Spring, its time to break out the white shorts, crop tops and bright colored jacks- when the temperature breaks the 70s you wont catch me in jeans. Now the only problem seems to be this rain…Invest in a heavy rain coat underclassman, you’ll need it. Warmer weather brings on monsoons and when it rains in Clemson, it pours. Take advantage of days like today where it’s beyond beautiful outside, no telling what tomorrow will bring!

This weather is a perfect opportunity to take a walk or run around campus and go see Lake Hartwell that we sometimes forget is so close during the winter. Sit outside in the amphitheater between classes and soak up some sun that we have all been deprived of for too long. Don’t forget about some of the beautiful mountains and waterfalls that are just a short drive away and are best to hike before it gets too hot again! I love to use warm days to make my friends jealous that chose schools that have cold temperature most of the year and brag about how much I love Clemson.


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