DIY Quarantine Presents

Do you know someone with a birthday during this quarantine? Do you know someone who needs a little bit of love during this quarantine? Do you feel like doing something nice for a special person in your life during this quarantine? Or are you just bored out of your mind during this quarantine?

WELL, I have a few PERFECT ideas for you

  1. 1. A Painting

    Paintings or drawings are a great idea as a present for someone or for yourself. They show hard work, dedication, and – most importantly – love. Not only is it a cute gift, but it's also beneficial for you as painting can relieve stress and ease your mind. My friend's birthday is this week, and I decided to paint a large piece of wall decor for her room either at home or at her college apartment. 

    Art class
  2. 2. Thank You Letters

    If you’ve recently had a birthday, held an event or just feel thankful, thank you letters are perfect for you! Spend time writing your thank you letters to people who have really helped you, who you love and who should be recognized for their actions. Doing this will make so many people smile and be grateful to have a wonderful person like you in their life.

    thank you note with pen, gift, cookies, and flowers
  3. 3. A Photo Album

    Whether it be home-made or not, a photo album is one of the best presents a person can receive. They show how much you care for the person that will receive it. They are full of fun, happy, goofy and crazy moments that neither of you would ever want to forget. This is my favorite option of them all!

  4. 4. Mason Jar with DIY Hot Cocoa, Snacks, Tea, etc.

    There are hundreds of pins on Pinterest that teach you how to make these simple gifts. Not only are they cute and simple gifts but they are SUPER yummy! If you have a lot of extra tea, snack, ingredients, etc., you can make multiple of these for several people or just a jumbo pack for someone special!

    Mocha With Ingredients