Cute Thanksgiving Outfits to Remind Everyone Who the "Cool Cousin" Is

Everyone knows that there's a cool cousin in every family, and this Thanksgiving, it's you. Here are ten outfits to show everyone that you're the coolest cousin in the whole fam. 

  1. 1. The True Spirit of Thanksgiving

    Spice up your outfit with a hilarious, timely graphic tee and fun accessories to prove that your sense of humor is better than the mashed cauliflower we're pretending is mashed potatoes. 

    Find this spunky shirt at RiffRaff for $34.00.

  2. 2. The Sweaterdress That Keeps Giving

    If you're not afraid of staining, this cream on camel color scheme is a winner! The loose fit of this dress is perfect for indulging on your favorite comfort foods, but it's still cute enough to snap a #Thankful selfie for Insta. 

    Get this dress at for $80. 

  3. 3. These Boots Were Made for Stuntin'

    Lean into the seasonal theme with rich cranberries and crisp denim, but don't neglect the impact a pair of killer boots can have, especially in unexpected colors 

    Check out these similar boots from Chinese Laundry on for $212.57 - $215.01.

  4. 4. Leggings + Oversized Sweater = Fall Dreams

    You're guaranteed to be comfy and stylish with this relaxed outfit. Spice it up with layered necklaces or some statement accessories like these knee-highed boots.

    Find a similar sweater on for $23.98.

  5. 5. Blazers Make Everything Better

    If you think you left your maxi dresses behind in summer, pull them out of your closet and pair them with a bulky blazer. It's a timeless yet unexpected take on a summer classic. 

    Check out this blazer on for $31.99 - $32.99.

  6. 6. Cool Girl Stays Warm

    What's cooler than a stunning midi dress and an edgy jacket? Both of those things paired with knee-high boots! You'll be warm and the coolest person there. 

    Complete the look with this polka-dot midi dress on for $23.99.

  7. 7. City-Slickers Can't See this Look

    Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a fashion show! Throw on your favorite tennis shoes and sweater for a cozy day, and spice it up with a new pattern like camo to shake up your favorite outfits. 

    Pick up these muted camo jeans on for $12.65 - $75.00.

  8. 8. What's Fall Without a Denim Jacket?

    Fall may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you should skip your trusty denim jacket! Style your tried-and-true accessory with fall colors like olive or cranberry and some fun patterns like stripes for a Pinterest-worthy outfit. 

    Invest in a denim jacket of your own for $23.11 - $32.99 on

  9. 9. Classic Collegiate Answers Time-Honored Question, "How's School Going?"

    Everyone's going to ask you about school, so why not dress the part? Represent classic academia with a navy blazer and jeans to give off an air of educated confidence to avoid giving detailed reports of every midterm grade. 

    Check out this navy blazer from H&M for $24.99.

  10. 10. Overalls? More Like "All Over" This Pecan Pie!

    Everyone at the dinner table saw you when you were three, so why not update a classic by sporting overalls this holiday season? Find a cool pattern like plaid to give it a more sophisticated vibe, and don't forget the ankle booties (because every fall outfit requires them). 

    Shop this plaid jumpsuit at for $49.99

No matter what you wear this Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday! Most importantly, don't let anyone forget that you are the "cool cousin."