Colourpop Just Replaced PR Packages with Generosity

The school year is officially upon us, and for many, that means shelling out lots of money for tuition, school supplies, and textbooks. The cost for education continues to rise, hindering access to education and indebting students. The American Education System has failed to address poverty’s negative impact on education, and for students in K-12, the high cost of school supplies limits availability and eventually the student’s success in the classroom. Several nonprofits have taken up the cause like Kids in Need Foundation, and individuals have supported thousands of children by donating supplies.

Recently, the beauty community joined the movement with Colourpop’s latest move to replace PR packages for their latest collection with donations of supplies and backpacks to Casa Pacifica, a women’s and children’s shelter in California.  

The brand - which is known for their affordable, cult-favorite beauty products like the Super Shock Shadow and liquid lipsticks- recently announced their latest collection, “School Is in Session.” The collection includes a Super Shock Shadow set and several lipstick sets in different formulas, and like many brands, they’ve previewed the products on Instagram through posts and stories. Followers of @ColourpopCosmetics got a glimpse of gorgeous swatches and details of the products, and Colourpop used this platform to show their team preparing backpacks for the Casa Pacifica shelter.

Coloupop announced the departure from traditional PR packaging and the donation by saying “In lieu of fancy PR packages for this collection, we’ve decided to donate backpacks and school supplies to our local women’s and children’s shelter, Casa Pacifica, who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of homeless and vulnerable families.” They added to their story with a message for followers on how to donate and a thank you for support of the brand.

Customer’s flooded the comment section with decrees of support and appreciation, and as someone who adores Colourpop products, I love this decision and hope to see other brands follow Colourpop’s lead.

The School Is In Session launches on August 30th at 10 am PST.