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A Collegiette’s Guide to This Year’s Fall TV Lineup

Featured Favorites and Fresh Faces

With tests, intramural sports, club meetings, Greek events, and whatever else goes on in our busy schedules, many of us may need to plan out some down time to watch our favorite fall shows. Now that Pretty Little Liars and other favorite summer hits are over, you’ll need something to replace your weekly dose of drama. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting the return of your favorite show or can’t wait to start a new series, we’ve got all you need to know about this fall’s TV round up.

Returning Favorites:

The Big Bang Theory
If you love a good laugh, you’ll want to catch up with Sheldon and the gang on September 27th at 8pm for the Season 6 Premiere of The Big Bang Theory.


All of us music buffs have been anxiously awaiting the return of these misfits to our Thursday night. Don’t fear that characters have graduated, they’ll all return! If you missed the Season 4 premiere, don’t worry, you’re not too far behind. Catch up now with these catchy tunes and fun dances on FOX.

Gossip Girl
You’ll be the gossip girl in class on Tuesday mornings if you don’t miss the 9 o’clock Monday night episodes on the CW. Start watching on October 8th to see the final juicy episodes of the last season. Maybe the real gossip girl will even be revealed. I know none of us want to miss out on that piece of info.

Grey’s Anatomy
With this September 27th premiere jumping ahead a few months from the finale, you’ll need to watch to catch up on the lives of your favorite doctors. This season will even split time between different hospitals, so you’ll still see all of your most beloved characters. Make sure your TV is on ABC at 9 on Thursdays! If you missed the season premiere last Thursday, definitely be sure to watch it before you jump into the rest of the season! 

How I Met Your Mother

Last season ended with a shock, and while “the mother” wasn’t revealed, another marriage was. Take on the town with these New Yorkers, and the newest young edition to their gang, Mondays at 8 (starting September 24th).

Law & Order: SVU
We all need our weekly dose of crime, and this is a perfect fix. This long running crime drama is back for its 13th season starting Wednesday Sept. 26 at 9 on NBC. Watch Detective Benson and the rest of the NYPD special victims squad as they clean up the streets of Manhattan.

New Shows Worth Checking Out:

Go On
Matthew Perry’s new show has already premiered (on September 11), but you can still quickly catch up! This NBC comedy features a sports caster who is forced to attend grief counseling after his wife passes away. With quirky but relatable characters, you won’t know if you’re crying from laughter or emotion.

Major Crimes

If you liked The Closer you’ll love this new spin off series. Captain Sharon Raydor will be back to focus on her own unit, bringing some of your favorite Closer detectives with her. Catch it Monday’s at 10!

Watch Hayden Panettiere as she becomes a hit new country sensation. You won’t want to miss this new show, packed with great stars, country music, and southern drama! See it Wednesday October 10th at 10 on ABC.


Lost had us all glued to our TV’s every week. Now years later, JJ Abrams has come out with a new show that I’m sure will have the same effect. This riveting drama explored the “what-if” of a world without electricity. Watch Monday’s at 10 on NBC to see how these characters survive their post-apocalyptic world.

With all these old and new incredible shows, you’ll have an option for every night of the week! Plan out your days so you don’t miss any of these great fall picks. Happy Watching.

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