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Clemson Truths and Myths

Throughout they years, there have been many facts about Clemson that are actually untrue. Here’s a list to set the record straight for everyone.


Bowman Field was the originally home playing field of the football, baseball, and basketball teams, as well as the parade grounds for the Clemson cadets.

The football players dressed in Fike Field House and ran across the street and down the hill to the stadium. This is how “The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football” started.

During the singing of the Clemson Alma mater, your thumb is tucked under the rest of your hand like you’re holding a baseball cap.

The Tillman bells play real songs. (I’ve heard them play Disney songs before. It’s awesome.)



Football coach Frank Howard had a rock from his childhood that he believed to be lucky and he decided to pass it along to Clemson. (It was brought back from Death Valley, CA to Clemson in 1919 and placed atop the hill in 1966 by Howard.)

Clemson’s colors haven’t always been orange and purple. (They were originally red and blue. Also, they switched from purple to navy for a few years in the 80s.)

Clemson’s fight song has always been the “Tiger Rag”. (It was adopted in 1942 and the “Tiger Fanfare” was added to the beginning in 2003).

The University of South Carolina is the state school of South Carolina. (We all know that’s a joke…)















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