Clemson Guy Reveals: What Clemson Girls Have Taught Me So Far

  1. Good manners are a must to impress any girl.

  2. But some girls are attracted to a-holes
  3. Some girls are gold-diggers looking for a future husband- AVOID them.
  4. Other girls are pure wife-material; don’t let them slip through your fingers.
  5. There are fine lines in determining relationships, know where you stand at all times.
  6. Cooper Library is one of the best places to spit game.
  7. Every girl has that one annoying friend that you are just gonna have to deal with.
  8. There is no good restaurant in Clemson for the ideal first date.
  9. Girls say they’d like to go out on dates, but have you met a girl that’s ever actually been on one?
  10. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Simple as that.
  11. You probably aren’t going to fall in love in a bar/at a frat party. Act accordingly.
  12. Saying you love someone now, is like saying you partied hard in high school. You haven’t really experience the real thing.
  13. Having a go to girl for advice is a guy’s best resource.
  14. Relationships can get real complicated, real fast. Slow down and take a breather.
  15. ONS run in on Library Bridge are just as awkward as you make them (just say hi)
  16. Girls can judge guys on the dumbest of things (what dorm a guy lives in)
  17. Somehow or another any girl you’re talking to will know any and every girl you’ve ever had any form of relationship with. It’s frightening but just be prepared.
  18. There’s a big difference between the girls that go Fike and the girls that tweet about going to Fike.
  19. Most girls can’t keep up with the boys, any girl that can should be on speed dial to hang out on the weekends.
  20. Clemson girls: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

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