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Clemson Guy Reveals: Meeting Your Man’s Parents

With Parents Weekend behind us and many games still yet to come, there always the chance that your parents will be heading to TigerTown. For some of you, this also means you have the pleasure of meeting/bumping into/tailgating with/awkwardly staring at your boyfriend/hookup/fling/person you’re talking to/make-out buddy’s family. Don’t panic- I’ve got the breakdown of how to handle the important first impression.

His Mom: Ideally, if a guy is willing to have you meet his mom, you are already in good shape. It means he thinks you may meet her approval. Key word there being may; you’ve still got something to prove. Every mother is looking out for her child, and she wants the best for them. Impress her with your smarts and ambition (beyond being a trophy wife) and show her how much you care about her son.

His Dad: Most dads are generally surprised that their dipshit of a son actually got a girl to be seen in public with him. Minimal effort is needed here; Dad’s just waiting to see how long it’ll be before his son screws this up.

His Sisters: A potential trap here. Considering most sisters are usually in the 16-25 age range, there’s one thing that’s true: they can be just as quick to judge as you can. However, sisters are reasonable- if she’s a b*tch to you, your guy can be a dick to the next guy she brings home. Be pleasant, kind, and introduce yourself first. Short and sweet and you’ll be all set.

His Brothers: Similar to his Dad, his brothers are mostly shocked that there is an actual girl to meet and not some imaginary figure that suddenly got sick. They most likely will spend the entire time ragging on your man. Allow a few jokes to slide and laugh but don’t boost their ego (remember who you’re actually dating).

Other Tips:

  • Dress to impress- he’s trying to show you off.
  • Keep things under control- take it easy on the pregame shots of Burnetts.
  • Keep things fun- it shouldn’t feel like an interrogation.
  • Set a time limit- I don’t think anyone can spend a whole weekend with their parents, let alone someone else’s.
  • Don’t reciprocate- No guy wants to meet your parents. EVER. (Or maybe just this guy.)
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