Clemson Guy Reveals: The Do's and Don'ts of Valentine's Day

No matter what kind of Valentine's Day you are celebrating this year, there's a right and a wrong way to do it. If you don't have someone special, screaming 'Happy Single's Awareness Day!' might not be the best way to find romance for next V-Day. And if you are taken, yes, there actually is such a thing as taking the whole Valentine's Day phenomonen a little too far, and, no, you shouldn't do it. All that being said, here are my do's and don'ts for girls for whatever situation they may be in on Valentine's Day:

The Do Nothing

What: You have no plans for Valentine’s Day
Why:  You just haven’t found that special someone to spend the day with. Or our hookup was something that got lost somewhere along Christmas break, or just began when we got back to school.  Either way you’ve got no plans for the 14th.
Do: Have fun, it’s a holiday anyway.  Most likely you’ll get a care package from your parent’s.  Enjoy the Russell Stover’s chocolate.
Don’t: Tweet or complain to the Facebook world about how much you hate Valentine’s Day; it makes you annoying. And don’t have an anti-Valentine’s Day party; that makes you desperate. Either way, it shows us guys the reason you are alone on Valentine’s Day.
The Flirt
What: Romance is in the air and our recent DFMO has sparked some flirtation on both sides. Nothing serious is planned, except maybe a date to a date function.
Why: Peer pressure.  Everyone is talking about V-Day and it’s better than doing nothing.
Do: Keep things fun.  This isn’t the time to fall head over heels in love. Remember: it all began on the dance floor.
Don’t: Get your hopes up; there's nothing worse than getting let down.  And don’t bring up Valentine’s Day directly, it just makes things awkward.
The Are We/ Aren’t We
What: Similar to the Flirt, but more intense.  We had started things before break and we have spent some time together but aren’t considered boyfriend/girlfriend (or at least in my eyes).
Why: Valentine’s Day takes the normal annoyance of the “what are we talk” and multiplies it to the size of Death Valley. I certainly don’t want to have that talk.
Do: Bring it up.  This is Valentine’s Day, not Superbowl Sunday.  It is clearly a chick holiday; your move ladies.
Don’t: Ask passively about our plans; it makes it seem like you don’t care when I know you’re about to tackle me if we don’t do anything.  Also, don't bring it up more than once.  Nagging me is not the way to my heart. 
The Fairytale
What:  Its everything you wanted for Valentine’s Day- flowers, chocolate, jewelry, dinner at Pixie and Bill’s; the whole shabang.
Why: We are dating, and I do actually love you.
Do: Repay the favor after dinner.
Don’t: Make it a huge deal.  The day is about us, not about us and all of your girlfriends knowing everything we did in full detail.
Good Luck ladies!  Hope you have a wonderful day…and yes, I’m available, but unfortunately for you I’ve taken my charm and good looks to Italy this semester. But hey, there’s always next year!

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