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Campus Cutie: Jonathan McGibbon

Campus Cutie: Jonathan McGibbon


Year: Junior

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Lindenhurst, New York

Relationship Status: Single

Why Clemson University: Fell in love with the atmosphere and all the good people of Clemson.

What do you do in your free time? I come from a family of firefighters so I’m pretty good at saving kittens from trees. Boxing, preferably with just the bag and not someone hitting me back. Eating and I also love being outdoors.

What are you most attracted to in a person? A girl’s smile, good heart and care free attitude but still knows right from wrong.

If you could be a superhero who would it be and Why? Wolverine, he’s jacked, he has that wolf scent that girls are attracted to, claws to fight off any incoming terror. The only downside is that he’s self-healing: chicks dig scars.






Favorite Movie: Heavyweights

Favorite Pre-Game Playlist: Whatever’s on Pandora that day, usually the band The Dropkick Murphy’s or Jay-Z.Favorite Current popular Female style: Yoga pants.

Hottest girl you have seen on campus (If you want to describe her you can): Well I couldn’t tell you what she looked like because I only remember the color of her eyes.

Favorite Qualities in your “perfect” girl: Loves dogs, can withstand my mother’s thick New York blood, a confident girl who can be sexy and classy at the same time.   

Hi , My name is Jessica. Im a Junior at Clemson University. Im so excited to be apart of Her Campus Clemson.
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