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Campus Cutie: Bobby Finney

This guy is no stranger to Karaoke Tuesday and may be the best function date due to his fun attitude and killer dance moves



Taken or Single:


Favorite Spot on Campus:      

 I would say right next to the bell because you can look out across bowman field or look over towards the reflection pond.  From that point you know you chose the right school. 

Favorite Bar downtown:         

Wherever the dancing is that night! People need to let loose more often! haha

What's your best pick up line:

I know how to do the lift from the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

Ideal first date:

My ideal first date would be to take a girl to the Atlanta Aquarium.  It is something new to most people and has every aspect of a fun date.  You can be alone with your date, experience new things together, and I have always felt being surrounded by nature and water is some of the most peaceful yet romantic settings. 

What do you notice first about a girl: 

Their posture and eyes. Posture, because it shows you what kind of attitude they have (boring, outgoing, mean) and eyes, because I always try to look a girl in the eyes when I chat!

What's your secret to charming the ladies:

I always say, if you can go out and have fun without caring what people think, it draws people towards you.  Always be the one to start the dance party, because everyone is secretly waiting for that one guy…

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