Best Things to Do While Studying Abroad in Kalmar, Sweden (From Someone Who Knows!)

This summer, I embarked upon the journey of my life to a small coastal town in southern Sweden. I know what you’re thinking: why Sweden? I thought the same thing, but believe me, I could not have made a better choice. After spending nearly 6 weeks exploring the cobblestone streets of quaint Kalmar, I fell in love. I have come up with a list of the best things to do in this adorable little place. As a college student studying in a foreign country on a limited budget, options can be a bit limited, but my peers and I made the most of it.


  1. 1. Kalmar Slott

     If you’re like me, then you’ve always wanted to wander the courtyards and halls of a historic castle pretending to be a princess. Not even a 5-minute walk from our dorms and located right beside Linnaeus University, Kalmar Slott is just the place to put on your imaginary crown and explore! The vast gardens surrounding the castle as well as its absolutely gorgeous exterior and its exhibitions will take your breath away and leave you feeling like a royal. 

  2. 2. Nybro

    Only about a 20-minute drive or train ride from Kalmar, you’ll find Nybro. Here, you can partake in a moose safari; yes, you read that right, a MOOSE safari. This was by far one of the best things we did the whole time I was in Sweden, and I know my peers would agree! At Glasrikets Algpark, you’re taken on a safari bus through their park where you can feed and even pet moose. I promise that they are way bigger (and cuter) than you think!

  3. 3. FIKA. FIKA. FIKA.

    My favorite Swedish tradition is gathering with your friends and enjoying some coffee and delicious pastries together. There is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee, and my personal favorite thing in the world ~ a chocolate princess cake ~ to help you get through the workload. Everyone that’s seen my Instagram can attest to my love of that cake. My bestie, Sophia, and I indulged at least twice a week- it’s THAT good! Sweden is brimming with adorable coffee shops for ALL the aesthetics as well as the delectable goodies. I highly recommend Fiesta Konditori (since I basically lived there).

  4. 4. Visit Öland

    After a short ferry ride, you’ll find yourself on the nearly 90-mile long island right off the coast of Kalmar. Here, you can enjoy the refreshing waters of the Baltic Sea, cool off with the creamiest ice cream you’ll ever try, and explore the island’s wondrous natural landscapes. On the northern half of Öland, you’ll come across the rock pillars (which are definitely a phenomenon of nature), a gorgeous lighthouse at the tip, and an adorable little town where you can shop to your heart's content. 

  5. 5. Last, but certainly not least, shopping!

    For the entirety of my time spent in Kalmar, you could find my best friend, Sophia, and I either scouring the streets of the city for the cutest European looks or enjoying our afternoon Fika at Fiesta. The streets are lined with adorable shops where you can find an outfit for any occasion. Best purchase I made? Definitely my boss b*tch pink coat and matching purse. Catch me back in Clemson strutting around looking like Elle Woods. Ugh, AS IF! 

If you want to learn more about how you can travel to Kalmar and experience all of these wonderful things, check us out at the Clemson University Study Abroad Fair Wednesday, September 18th in the Hendrix Student Center Ballrooms.