UP AND COMING: Clemson Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE)

Being of an Indian background at Clemson, it’s hard to find friends that share the same culture as you. A couple of Indian students, Mansi Joglekar and Parth Patel, have, therefore, taken the initiative to restart a club that had died down in previous years. The Indian cultural exchange, also known as ICE, is again slowly becoming a place of common interest for Indian students around campus. Given that this club has given me a reason for many of my old and new friends to come together, I thought it would be nice to sit down with the two presidents of ICE and speak about our amazing organization.


What made you decide to restart ICE?

Parth: Honestly, it was a good opportunity that kind of fell into my hands. Dr. Singh, our advisor, suggested I start the club up again.


What is the goal of the Indian Cultural Exchange?

Mansi: Our main goal is to spread cultural awareness and diversity around campus!


Is the club open to anyone on campus?

Mansi: Absolutely! Any person, any time during the year.


What events have you organized in the past?

Parth: We have done Holi in spring of 2017, the festival of colors, and some other social events on campus and around the state emphasizing our culture.


Are there any new events you are looking forward to this year?

Mansi: Garba, also known as Navratri, which is a special religious holiday where people get together for traditional Indian dancing.


How do you plan on keeping ICE active at Clemson for the future years?

Parth: Finding the right incoming and continuing students that are willing to keep up with the events and are intent on spreading our culture is important.


If you want to know more about ICE, feel free to contact anyone on the executive board:


Parth Patel


Mansi Joglekar


Secretary: Keerti Kosana

Treasurer: Meena Das

Fundraising: Madison Battersby

Social Chair: Nidhi Patel

Social Media: Hemani Patel


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