9 Tailgate Foods To Try This Weekend

Don't waste time searching in the depths of the Internet for food to bring to your tailgate this weekend, we have compiled 9 amazing recipes from all over the web that are sure to be the hit of the party!

1) Meatball Sandwiches: What can possibly be better than meatballs on parmesan biscuits! Recipe here


2) Beer-Cheese Spread: The recipe makes a ton so that's perfect lunch for the rest of the week right? Recipe here

3) Light and Layered Taco Dip: This looks too pretty to eat. Recipe here


4) Grilled Salt-and-Pepper Chicken Wings: Perfect because you can cook them on the grill right outside the stadium. Recipe here

5) Baked Zucchini Chips: The ideal way to eat your veggies. Recipe here



6) Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins: Nothing screams fall like pumpkin and we need some breakfast before these early day games. Recipe here


7) Spicy-Sweet Glazed Shrimp: Martha Stewart says they're good so they must be. Recipe here 

8) Sausage Rolls: A great breakfast lunch or dinner game day snack. Recipe here

9) Mini Corndogs with Cranberry Mustard: See everything is cuter when its miniature! Recipe here