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7 Reasons Why Dunkin Donuts is Better than a Valentine

Reasons Why Dunkin Donuts is Better than a Valentine


Dunkin Donuts is always there for you. 

With thousands of locations, Dunkin will never let you down (during 

business hours).


Seasonal cookie dough donuts. Enough said. 

If you don’t have a human valentine, you don’t even have to share them.


There’s no pressure to give your Dunks a fancy gift. 

Your Dunks has zero expectations…because it is coffee. 



Your morning cup is always ready to go on adventures with you.

…Even if that adventure is just your 8 am class.



It knows exactly how to handle mood swings.

Feelin’ sad? Hot chocolate and a donut. Feelin’ happy? Maybe a 

celebratory Coolatta. The options are endless, really. 


The only ring you’ll ever need:

Ring by Spring? Mission accomplished.



Dunkins makes you a better person.

Without my morning Dunkin rendezvous, I would be a very bitter 



Laura Robinson is a Junior at Clemson University studying English with minors in Education, History, and Legal Studies. Originally from Boston, MA, her life revolves around Dunkin Donuts, trashy reality TV, channeling Blair Waldorf, and putting random things in online shopping carts that she will never actually purchase.
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