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7 DIY Halloween Treats

Instead of Tricking… How about Treating? Seven Easy and Cute Halloween Treats

Everyone loves Halloween and this year at Clemson University, Halloween is on the Friday going into Fall Break. Many students may make the trek home, but for those who don’t, throw a cute and fun themed party! You can even throw a themed party the weekend before, because lets be honest, who doesn’t love Halloween?


1. Broomsticks

These are fun, easy, and cute to have for Halloween. Simply take a Reese’s and stick a pretzel stick in the top. This screams adorable! 

2. Witches Hats

            Now this recipe calls for Oreo’s, so you will already get the party started with these. Simply get as many Oreo’s as you desire, use orange icing on top and put a Hershey kiss right on top. These equal instant happiness. 

3. Gummy Worm Ice Cubes

            These are super easy and make a great addition to any drink. Simply take gummy worms of your choice, add them to an ice tray, fill the tray with water, and freeze. 

4. Frankenstein Pudding Cups

            These little cuties are quite easy to make. For starters you take vanilla pudding and mix it with green dye. Then add some crushed Oreo’s on top. Draw a face with Sharpie on the outside of the cup. Now you have the perfect traveling dessert. 

5. Pumpkin Strawberries    

            These may take a little more time to make, but they will surely please your guests or even just you. Take melted white chocolate and add orange food dye, then dip your strawberries in the chocolate, and then let sit until hard. Then use an icing pen to make whatever faces or designs you want! 

6. Oreo Eyeballs

            These glaring desserts will definitely catch eyes at your get-together. To make these delicious treats start with Oreo’s split in half, then used colored gummy LifeSavers to put in the middle, take chocolate morsels and put on in the middle of the LifeSaver, and lastly use a red icing pen to draw some scary eye features. 

7. Carmel Dipped Marshmallows

            These are a super fun treat to eat, and make with friends on any given day. Buy a bag of marshmallows, then melt down some caramel, use any festive dipping sticks, dip the marshmallow as far as you would like, and lastly roll them in some Halloween sprinkles. Its up to you how color covered these tasty treats are. 

Hope you enjoy some of these delicious treats, fellow collegiettes. Enjoy the Halloween season and eat some yummy treats along the way. Just because we don’t go door-to-door trick-or-treating, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too!


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