6 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed Till Now

As midterm season is in full swing, all college students develop a talent for creative ways to procrastinate. My personal experience has been scouring Amazon for weird/cool items that I could buy with my nonexistent money (another talent college students possess). If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, I highly suggest investing in it. As a student it’s only $49 a year and it gives you free shipping, access to endless TV shows and movies, and music. While there were too many great finds to count, here are some of my personal favorites that I thought I would share:


Shoe Dryer

While I currently have been stealing my roommate’s, a shoe dryer is extremely useful for college students. Living in Clemson, you may have noticed that it tends to rain A LOT. Some days you forget to wear your rain boots and then you’re stuck with wet sneakers for the next couple days. This contraption has saved me multiple times.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

A proven stress reliever, it’s small enough to fit on your desk or bedside table. The description says “the salt crystal lamp heats up and emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation, purify the air, helps you sleep better at night, and allowing you to wake refreshed.” Listed for $20.59 on Amazon, it might be the perfect way to liven up your dorm room or apartment.

Fancy Scissors

Let’s face it; schoolwork can be really boring. A small way to brighten your day is by picking office supplies that are a little out of the ordinary. Interesting scissors come in endless colors, patterns, or designs on Amazon, but this pair was one of my particular favorites. They’re only $7.99 and if you had them on your desk, your roommate would definitely be borrowing them all the time without your permission.


Water Dancing Speakers

When you finally get a break from studying, it’s good to let loose and have fun with your friends in your dorm room or apartment. While everyone has a normal speaker, liven up your music session with these water dancing speakers that have four different LED lights for only $23.99. Under a foot tall, they’re small enough that they’re considered portable so you can take the party with you!


Multi-Port Portable Charger

This winter break my friends and I road tripped to Disney World for the week. We were doing 12-hour days at the parks and there aren’t exactly outlets to charge your phones while you’re waiting in line for rides. Investing in a good portable charger that can let you plug in multiple phones at once is a necessity when traveling with friends. While they come in all different price ranges, here is a cheaper one for $18.99.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Made by Baebody, this mud mask is made to prevent acne while also exfoliating your skin with natural ingredients. I personally own this facemask and I love it. It was absolutely worth the $14.95 and I even got it on sale for cheaper when I bought it. If this one doesn’t sound appealing to you, check out other kinds like 24K gold masks and Himalayan pink scrubs.


School is stressful, so don’t forget to treat yourself every once in awhile!