5 Ways to Stay on Top of Class Work

  1. 1. Always carry a planner.

    Whether it’s a hand-held planner or the calendar on your phone, having one on you will benefit you greatly! Having a planner will help you manage your time, keep you aware of due dates and make you feel more organized overall. Keeping a planner on you daily will push you to look at your class assignments for the week. This may even motivate you to get assignments done ahead of time.

    November planner with coffee cup
  2. 2. Journal in the morning and at night to plan your day.

    Journaling when I first wake up and once I get into bed has completely changed how motivated I am to get work done. Keeping a journal next to your bed is key for staying on top of things. When you first wake up, write down your daily goals and what you want to accomplish for the day. Then, when you get into bed at night, check off each goal that you accomplished. Not only are you getting classwork done, but you are also holding yourself accountable!

    The Lalagirl Writing In Notebook
  3. 3. Use your free time to get ahead.

    If you have a break in your day or time during the weekend, use it to get ahead on your classwork. Getting ahead of your work will keep you from procrastinating. Not only will this method motivate you to get work done before the due date, but it will also get you in the habit of finishing assignments once they’re assigned to you. This is a great attribute to have as it shows others (and proves to yourself) how organized you really are!

    girl stressed at computer
  4. 4. Set your due dates.

    Now, I know that procrastination is something that most college students struggle with. I mean, before I utilized these five tips, I was one of those students. This tip has changed the game for me. When you set your own due dates, you are making sure that you get assignments done before they are due. This can help you get assignments done beforehand rather than having to suffer computer issues or procrastination the day of. Overall, this tip will make you feel super accomplished and on top of your game.

    girl writing in planner
  5. 5. Cross off the assignments when you’ve finished them.

    Let me tell you, the feeling of crossing off an assignment once you’ve finished it early has to be one the BEST feelings ever! Seeing the amount of assignments that you’ve crossed off in front of your own eyes will take a massive weight off of your shoulders. You can cross them off, highlight them, white them out, etc. Whatever works best for you, DO IT! You can say that crossing assignments off when you’ve finished them is like putting a cherry on top of ice cream. You're sealing the deal!

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