5 Tips to Beat the Heat



Even if Labor Day is long gone, Clemson can’t seem to let go of summer, and as the temperature climbs higher and higher, we’re all trudging uphill for class, getting sweatier by the second. Before you collapse under the glaring southern sun, use these five tips to beat the heat. 

  1. 1. Hydrate or Die-drate

    When you’re sweating like this, you’re at risk for dehydration, so drink your water! Almost every building on campus is equipped with water fountains to refill your water bottle, so staying hydrated during class should be a breeze. If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding some flavored powders or fresh fruit juice, and for an added bonus, use a double-walled water bottle to keep it nice and cold. 

  2. 2. Use Your Sunscreen

    I’m serious, use your sunscreen. If you’re walking around campus in 90°F heat, you’re probably baking under the sun’s rays, and even if you’re not spending hours in the sun, the exposure adds up. Make sure to reapply every few hours, and if you’re directly under the sun, protect your scalp with your favorite hat. 

  3. 3. Keep Your Clothes Cool

    Your Pinterest feed may be filling with cozy sweaters and stylish booties, but the thermometer disagrees with your fashion choices. Skip bulky fabrics and opt for lightweight options like cotton and linen. This is the perfect time to pull out your favorite shorts and sandals, but remember that more exposed skin means more sunscreen. 

  4. 4. Take a Dip!

    We may be in class, but summer weather means summer activities. Take a trip to Y Beach or a local pool for a fun reprieve from the heat. However, just because you can’t feel your sweat in the water doesn’t mean that you’re not sweating. Keep hydrated!

  5. 5. Stick to the Shade

    This may sound obvious, but it makes a huge difference. For long commutes or extended exposure, go a few steps out of your way to stay in the shade. You may add a few minutes to your time outside, but you’ll feel much cooler. If possible, postpone your outdoor activities until later in the day when the temperature’s fallen. You’ll have just as much fun without all the sweat and dehydration!