5 Things to Get Excited About ESPN College Gameday


  1. The Set-Up

By now, we have all seen it: the big trucks that pulled into Clemson this week and parked on Bowman Field. As we trekked to class each day, we had a constant reminder of that this weekend ESPN’s College GameDay would be in Tigertown. I don’t know about you, but it definitely got me through the week of studying and exams. You can feel the excitement on campus as ESPN set up on Bowman Field. We got pumped!

  1. Camping Out

Bowman Field will open at 6 am on Saturday for students and fans to enter College GameDay. This means people will be camping out tonight, waiting in line, and hanging out with the Clemson family in the wee hours of the morning. But honestly, who could resist that? We are true, devoted Clemson fans, and therefore, we must show our support. Camping out with your best friends in order to show your school spirit for the best university in the country? Yes please!

  1. Signs

It’s a tradition that follows ESPN College Gameday around the country. Tomorrow on Bowman Field will be no different. Clemson Tigers have had over a week to perfect their Gameday signs, and we look forward to seeing the funny, witty things that they have come up with. It’s one of the best parts about College Gameday!

  1. School Spirit

Thousands of people dressed in orange to support the Clemson Tigers at 9 am in the morning? That is the definition of school spirit, and as tigers, we are ALL IN. Our school spirit is known throughout the country, and tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to show it. The Clemson Family will be once again reunited. Current students, faculty, staff, and alumni will come out to cheer on the Tigers. Former tigers will bring their children dressed in head-to-toe orange to show them Tigertown. Seeing the Clemson Family come together in celebration is one of the most amazing things about tomorrow.

  1. Primetime Game

Now to the main event…Tomorrow marks the first home game of the season that kicks off at night. And we couldn’t be more excited! Night games are magical. The stadium lights up, the day cools off into night, and Death Valley comes to life. It’s an event once must experience to truly understand. Clemson Tigers are connected and drawn to these hills. Something happens when you enter Clemson, and the feeling never truly goes away. Tomorrow night, we will be reminded, once again, how special a place Clemson truly is.



So…get pumped and get ready Tigers! Tomorrow is almost here. Her Campus Clemson wishes you a happy and safe College Gameday. Go Tigers!