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The 5 Stages of No-Snow-Day Grief

The 5 Stages of No-Snow-Day Grief

You know the feeling. You checked your weather app the night before, and it said it was supposed to snow. You went to bed hoping you’ll wake up to a “Clemson University Closed” email. And yet, when morning comes, no such email exists, and you begin to go through the five stages of no-snow grief. Now, we don’t even have a chance for snow since Spring has suddenly come very early!


  1. Denial

There’s no way. Maybe I just didn’t get the email yet. It has to be on its way. I’ll just refresh my email five hundred times. And check my junk mail. And my trash. Maybe I sleep-deleted it?



  1. Anger

How could you do this to me, Jim? All I wanted was a day off! It’s too cold for me to get out of bed! My car is frozen! I don’t deserve this! Someone is going to get a strongly-worded letter for this.


  1. Bargaining

I swear, if school gets canceled I’ll spend all day studying. Just send me the email and I’ll be productive. I promise. I just want to lay in bed one more hour. Then I’ll do all my homework. Really.


  1. Depression

I have never been more upset in my entire life than I am right now. I don’t care that there is no snow on the ground. I just want to lay here and cry and not go to school.



  1. Acceptance

I guess now that I’m late for class because I spent so much time waiting for an email, I should actually get out of bed and get to school. I won’t like it, but I guess I’ll do it.



My name is Carly McRae and I'm a junior at Clemson University. I'm studying Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and am in denial that I'm more than halfway done with school. I'm a member of TakeNote, our female a cappella group, Clemson University Singers, as well as the Beta Kappa chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. I love being a Clemson tiger and am so excited to be writing for Her Campus!
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