5 Reasons to Take Summer Classes at Clemson

Regardless if you are in town or not during the summer, taking classes is your best friend! You can still soak up the sun and get your degree. Below are some reasons why I take summer classes each year!

  1. 1. You can learn in your bed.

    As college students, we all understand the dread of getting out of bed to go to class, especially if you live off-campus. Many summer classes offered at Clemson allow you to take them online. This is super convenient for students, especially those who don’t live in the area. You can manage everything through your Canvas account.

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  2. 2. There's more availability for different classes.

    If you couldn’t get into a class during the Spring or Fall semester, you could most likely land a spot in a summer class. Each year students race to register for classes to ensure they get their desired schedule; however, it doesn’t always work out. Classes in the summer are way less stressful and allow you to take what you want and/or need without putting you behind, or having to place you in another course that satisfies your major requirements.

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  3. 3. Your mind is constantly active.

    If you’re someone that loves to stay busy, summer classes are for you! In this sense, you are learning year-round and don’t forget anything coming back in the fall. It will help you maintain a routine of learning and studying throughout the summer which will keep you on an organized schedule!

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  4. 4. There are shorter durations.

    The first time I took summer classes, I only took two classes for six weeks. Instead of surviving through an entire semester, you can take classes for different terms of the summer. I found the classes to be easier than the ones my friends took in their fall semester. Get it over with, in a timely manner, and get an A!

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  5. 5. You have more access to your professors.

    When you take classes during the fall or spring semester, they typically are pretty big. Sometimes it is harder to have access to your professor or be able to ask questions in class. During summer, the professors are not as busy, allowing more personalized one-on-one time with students. I was able to have my assignments graded rather quickly and received quicker responses from my professors.

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