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5 Must Haves for Fall

Days of sweaty backs, sticky papers, perspiring drinks, and overall melting appear to be gone. With that being said, there is a whole new wardrobe trending.

So here are some items that you cannot go these perfect weathered months without.

1.     Boots. Not cowboy boots, but brown or black leather, right below the knee, riding boots.

2.     Scarves, and lots of them. You will be seeing a lot of these. So get ready to have one for every occasion. My favorite is infinity or loop scarves because they are easy to throw on and don’t have to worry about tying them.

3.     Sweater. Yes, just one. There is no need to break your wallet on this purchase. Sure you want one in every color. But having one simple colored sweater that you can just throw on is all you need.

4.     Leggings. This is self explanatory, and who doesn’t have leggings?

5.     Yoga pants. But really. You can wear these with any shirt and any jacket. There is never a wrong time for yoga pants.

There are plenty of places to get these items, for cheap. Last fall, Amazon was my very, very best friend. Enjoy the weather ladies.


Happy Fall Y’all! 


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