5 Adulting Skills We All Need to Know

Now that it’s October, we’re officially in ~Spooky Season~, and what’s more festive than a scary story? Well, here’s the most terrifying thing you’ll hear this week – we’re technically adults. As avidly as college students avoid adulting in any form, some skills are vital. By the end of this article, you can dress up like a responsible adult for Halloween, and it won’t even be a costume!


1. What to Do After a Car Accident

I was recently in my first car accident, and thank God it was a minor fender-bender because I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I didn’t even have my correct insurance card in my car! As much as we hope to avoid traffic accidents, they definitely happen. It’s better to learn the procedures now as a precaution. You may not always have the luxury of waiting for your parents to teach you how to adult, especially if the collision is serious.

2. How to Register to Vote

While some (like myself) registered to vote when they received their license, learning how to register to vote is an important skill you’ll need throughout your life. Our democracy is empowered by youth joining the process, but without voter registration, your role is limited. Voter registration varies by state, but Rock the Vote is an excellent resource. If you’re far from home on voting day, check out absentee ballots. Distance shouldn’t keep you from the democratic process.

3. How to File Taxes

Taxes confuse people who have been filing – and adulting – a lot longer than I have, so it’s no wonder that many students struggle to understand it. I know it’s tempting to maintain the “ignorance is bliss” mentality, but this approach is not suitable for taxes. Luckily, there are thousands of resources to help you along, and when you’re done, you can flaunt your adult-ing like a boss.

4. How to Understand/Improve Credit Scores

I’ve taken a personal finance course, and I still don’t understand credit scores fully. If I have one, I have no idea what it is or how to improve it, and that needs to change. A credit score will follow you through your adulthood and dictate your access to important things like loans. Plus, credit score research is a perfect excuse to revisit childhood nostalgia with this commercial.

5. How to Change a Tire/DIY Home Maintenance  

You bet that I call Clemson maintenance when I encounter a problem in my dorm, and in the case of any car trouble, I’m on the phone with my parents ASAP. While AAA has my back on the road, changing a tire is an important life skill (and could keep you from the Zodiac Killer’s tricks if you care about that).  As a student, you probably have access to home maintenance via your apartment community or your dorm, but understanding basic home maintenance will help you in the long run as you develop into the adulting-butterfly you’re meant to be.