36 Quick Ways to Practice Self-Love

1. Meditate/Pray for 15 minutes


2. Try Some Aromatherapy

3. Take a Hot Bath

4. Watch Your Favorite Movie

5. Make a Creamy, Sugary Hot Chocolate (or pour a glass of wine if you’re 21!)

6. Do a Face Mask

7. Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi

8. Do Some Yoga or Deep Stretches


9. Take a Nap

10. Redecorate or Reorganize Your Space

11. Eat Your Favorite Unhealthy Food (or healthy, if that’s your thing)

12. Go Workout

13. DIY Spa Night


14. Journal for 30 minutes

15. Dress Up for Class Just Because

16. Read a Great Book

17. Go Outside



18. Try Something New and Out of Your Comfort Zone

19. Call Your friends For a Chill Girl’s Night

20. Cuddle with a Furry Friend

21. Turn Off Your Phone For an Hour

22. Make a List of Things of You Love About Yourself

23. Buy Fresh Flowers for Yourself


24. Go for a Walk

25. Do Some Art

26. Cook or Bake Your Favorite Foods

27. Go to Sleep Early



28. Set the Mood for Yourself with Candles and Music

29. Try Some Deep Breathing

30. Get a Massage

31. Have a Random Dance Party

32. Write a Letter to Someone You Love

33. Make a Self-love Jar


34. Try Gardening

35. Talk to Someone

36. Reward Yourself for Something You Accomplished This Week, Even If It’s Small