16 Meme Themed Halloween Costumes & Ways to Recreate Them: 2018 Edition

1. Tide Pod – take a white or black shirt and paint the orange and blue colors of the tide pod onto the shirt, and wear it



2. Absolute Unit – get a fat suit and wear a white shirt, black pants, and a tie over that (you will look like you have a smaller head)  


3. My FBI Agent – wear a white shirt, black pants, black tie, black jacket, and sunglasses (possibly carry around a laptop)


4. Precious When You Smile – attach hearts to a headband and have the word “smile” written on your face



5. Super Bowl Selfie Kid – wear a sweatshirt and a lanyard of some sort, have your phone out with a google of ‘who is justin timberlake’, and have a confused look on your face


6. Gym Kardashian – get a muscle top, wear a white tank top, and have a slayed face full of makeup with a long, slick, black wig



7. Change My Mind – wear blue long sleeve shirt and have a black coffee mug, put a piece of paper on your chest that says something controversial with ‘change my mind’ below



8. Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo – black bathing suit with a big ass dragon tattoo covering your whole back (please go with a temporary tattoo!)


9. SpongeBob NoPants – wear all yellow and talk/laugh like SpongeBob


10. Fortnite – just dress up as any character from Fortnite


11. Squinting Woman – wear a black shirt and pants with a pink jacket, clear heels, and pink glasses. Then lean over with hands on knees and squint


12. Yodel Boi – wear a white shirt (tucked in), red bow tie, blue jeans, big belt buckle, cowboy boots, and maybe a hat (extra points if you yodel – most people will probably ask you to yodel anyway)


13. Gorls – any girly outfit with a Gru mask



14. Trumpet Boy – wear a jersey, basketball shorts, Nike socks, sneakers, and a backpack, carry a trumpet around and annoy people with it (bonus points if you can play)


15. BBQ Becky – wear a black shirt, navy blue jacket zipped all the way up, black sunglasses, iPhone, and make a basic observation (like they are having a bbq)


16. Sassy Cheerleader – wear cheerleading costume and have a sassy look on your face